Children and young peoples mental health in Greater Manchester

Get involved by sharing your experiences of mental health support.
Teenage girl giving a leaflet to someone

Young people in crisis need help that is:

  • Easy to access
  • Right for their needs
  • Available when they need it

Sadly this is not always the case and young people sometimes:

  • Don’t know where to go for help
  • Don’t get the right kind of help
  • Or have to wait for the right help

A group has been set up with the task of improving crisis care across Greater Manchester.  They have been asked to develop a care pathway for young people in crisis. This pathway will include crisis prevention, care during a  crisis and support after a crisis. The pathway will include all the services that get involved when caring for people in crisis such as CAMHS, Police, Ambulance staff, A&E, Hospitals, Social Care, Education etc.

They would like to know the views of all those involved in crisis care – either as young people experiencing a crisis, family members of young people in crisis or professionals who are involved in supporting young people in crisis.

They would like to hear about what has worked well, so we make sure we keep the parts of the current care that are effective and helpful. They would also like to know when things have not worked well so we can improve.

They have therefore sent you this survey and hope that you will be able to help them develop the best possible care pathway.

Take the survey

The survey is being sent out to everyone involved in crisis care, including service users and their families, health care providers, A&E departments, social care staff, residential care staff and emergency services such as police and ambulance services. They would like to consult as widely as possible therefore would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing the survey. Please also share it with other relevant people in your organisation or network.