Join the GM=EqAl Working Group and make a change in Greater Manchester

Are you someone who cares about inequalities and influencing policy? The Greater Manchester Equality Alliance (GM+EqAi) Working Group needs you!
Man and woman sitting in a doctors waiting room

The Working Group are looking to recruit up to ten additional members to ensure they have even coverage of the ten GM localities, and people who can advocate for all of Greater Manchester’s most underserved and marginalised communities. 

They are looking for people who:

  • Have a deep understanding of communities facing disadvantages in Greater Manchester
  • Can represent communities and contribute to high-level meetings
  • Enjoy working with others to contribute to grow intersectional understanding of power and inequality
  • Appreciate how strategic policy influencing work can achieve long-term change
  • Have a connection to other local groups and networks as well as those in Greater Manchester
  • Can commit to around four hours monthly, including a two-hour daytime meeting and other tasks.

They want to encourage anyone who feels they fit that description to apply, and particularly want to hear from people in the following areas as they are under-represented:

  • Bolton
  • Bury
  • Oldham
  • Rochdale
  • Stockport
  • Tameside
  • Trafford

They are also really keen to hear from people involved with anti-poverty work, anti-racism, the disabled community, young people, older people, carers, the criminal justice system, and homelessness. The GM=EQqAI group are always seeking new members from communities experiencing racial inequality.

A bursary of £750 a year is available to those facing financial barriers to getting involved in work outside of their organisation.

If you would like to suggest someone, please contact 

If you would like to be considered yourself, please complete this form by Monday 30th May. The Steering Group will meet as a decision panel in early June.