Enter and view at Manchester Royal Infirmary

We visited Manchester Royal Infirmary to talk to patients and staff about the care and service offered at the hospital. This report contains our findings and the recommendations for improvement we sent them following our visit.

The aims of the initiative were to visit and observe the delivery of service on Wards 9, 10, 11 & 12 at Manchester Royal Infirmary and record the views and experience of patients and their visitors on these Wards.

This was a joint approach by Healthwatch Manchester and Healthwatch Trafford acting upon information gathered from our public engagement events and patient opinion surveys during 2014/15.

These showed mixed reviews from people accessing the service at Manchester Royal Infirmary.


The results on the day of the visit indicate that many of our observations and patient experiences were positive; wards appeared clean, bright and well maintained.

Staff were caring, friendly and quick to give help to patients.

Some of the negative comments that were recorded at the time of the visit included lack of communication between departments, resulting in delay of treatment, delay in obtaining medication from pharmacy department which is impacting on discharge of patients and long waiting times at the night before staff respond to call bells.


  • Reposition welcome signs on back of doors to wards as they are often hidden.
  • Ask visitors to vacate the wards at meal times and when visiting time has ended to comply with protected procedure.
  • To consider monitoring the temperature on wards 9 & 10 at night as patients are finding it too hot sleep.
  • To look at how to improve communication between the different departments including pharmacy to improve the patients admission and discharge.
  • Monitor response time by staff to patients during the night.
  • Staff to be aware of barriers to communication e.g. language and hearing impairment for visitors as well as for patients.
  • Ensure that patients can reach their buzzers easily.
  • Ensure that processes are clear for non-renal patients who have been place on the renal wards due to overflow of patients accessing A&E at Manchester Royal Infirmary.
  • Identify disruptive patients and act quickly to avoid distress to other patients.


If you require this report in a different format please get in touch and we will see if we can help with this request. 

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