Enter and view at Claremont care home

We visited Claremont care home and spoke to staff and residents about the care and service they offer. This report contains out findings and the recommendations we sent to the home following our visit.

Claremont Care Home Limited is privately owned residential home for older people.

The home accommodates up to 24 residents in 22 single and 1 shared rooms. 


Overall, the outcome of this Enter and View is positive.

The authorised representatives leading this visit felt that the standard of care at Claremont Care Home is good.

The Enter and View representatives’ observations concluded that:

  • That residents are willing to share their views.
  • That residents appeared relax, comfortable and happy with their surroundings.
  • Staff was observed responding to residents needs in a friendly, considerate and compassionate manner.
  • Inclusion through the provision of a communal lounge and a garden area where residents can sit was observed.
  • That there is a secure environment with qualified staff on-site twenty-four hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • That resident’s area able to see a doctor when required and can continue to see the GP they had prior to admission to the home if the GP is from the local area.

Whilst we were talking to residents we observed staff supporting residents calmly and sensitively.

On the day of the visit the management of the home were extremely helpful in supplying information including staff rota duty over a 24 hours period, overnight there are 2 members of staff on at night and call in senior staff if an emergency arises.


  • Review and implement measures to ensure that visual impaired residents can safely access the help cord. 
  • Clarification on procedures for ensuring laundry is returned to correct residents. 
  • Ensure that procedures are established and followed for appropriate staffing levels. 
  • To provide appropriate leisure activities for visually impaired residents. 

Additional suggestions included:

  • Could part of the garden be made safe for residents to use unaccompanied? 
  • Possibility of management exploring opportunities with local communities to obtain help with external outings and activities. 


If you require this report in a different format please get in touch and we will see if we can help with this request. 

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Claremont enter and view report

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