COVID-19 in Trafford: 2021 update

Our second report looking at the experiences of health and social care services during the period of the coronavirus pandemic in Trafford.

About this report

In November 2020 we published a report on the effects of COVID-191 on local health and care services during the first year of the pandemic. We also focused on how people’s lives were more widely affected due to the unparalleled way that COVID-19 affected society as a whole.

Since then, we have worked with other offices in Greater Manchester on the regional effects of COVID-19, and a summary of all our work can be found online for extra context.

Much has happened since the initial report, with lockdowns behind us and the vaccine programme ongoing for some time now. Healthwatch Trafford has continued to monitor the effect of COVID-19 on services and ran a follow-up survey to our initial work between March and July 2021. This report summarises those findings.


If you require this report in a different format please get in touch and we will see if we can help with this request. 

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COVID-19 report

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