Enter and view at Newhaven extra care facility

We visited Newhaven extra care facility to talk to residents and staff about the care and service the home offers. This report contains our findings from the visit.

Newhaven is a facility offering extra care to vulnerable clients who want to continue to live independelty in a safe enviroment. 


  • A bright, well maintained facility with a welcoming atmosphere reflected in modern furnishing
  • Residents have expressed that if they have any problems they can speak/contact the Trafford Housing Trust (THT) on-site manager who is extremely approachable
  • Excellent living accommodation including communal provision, such as laundry, lounge, café, exercise room and garden area for where residents can garden or sit
  • Secure environment –inbuilt safety features such as security key fobs and there are members of staff on-site 24 hours.
  • Active residents association with good social programme
  • 24 hour on-site care agency TLC Private Home Care providing care packages for residents. Other outside agencies do provide care packages for a small number of people living at Newhaven.
  • The scheme manager has daily meetings with TLC and outside agencies and any issues raised relating to the facility by the carers are dealt with as and when the issue is raised


  1. A meeting between a representative of the emergency services and Newhaven or Trafford Housing Trust management of all the extra care facilities to explain how the facility works and the independent status of residents living at extra care facilities such as Newhaven.
  2. Review of parking facilities for residents to avoid the problem of being blocked in. Perhaps the use of some type of post barrier may be useful.
  3. Residents’ concerns regarding staffing at night are addressed through the Residents Association.


If you require this report in an alternative format please get in touch with us. 

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Newhaven enter and view report

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