Enter and view at Trafford General Hospital

We visited Trafford General Hospital AMU ward to talk to patients and staff about the care and service the ward offered. This report contains our findings and the recommendations we put to the hospital following our visit.

This was an announced enter and view visit. 

On the day of the visit the Enter and View Team spoke at length to the AMU Matron and Acting Ward Manager, including resident Consultant and six patients.

Guidance on which patients should not be approached or who were unable to give consent was sought. The six patients who gave feedback on their care experience were assured their comments would remain anonymous.


The Healthwatch Trafford Enter and View Team felt there were rigorous policies and practices in place within Trafford General Hospital’s AMU to promote quality care for acute medical patients.

Evidence includes:

  • The AMU is a bright, clean, spacious, well managed and friendly environment accommodating 29 beds in single sex bays with on suite facilities.
  • An on-site Consultant Physician is able to provide quality continuity of care to unwell patients admitted in emergency.
  • The introduction of new technologies and procedures to assist in the prompt assessment of deterioration in a patient’s condition and to provide warning when vulnerable patients’ get out of bed.
  • Involvement of patient and carer at all stages of care planning, from initial assessment on admission, through treatment and recovery, to discharge.
  • Provision of a safe and caring recovery pathway for the vulnerable patient with access to both the Safeguarding Matron and Mental Health Matron when needed.
  • Support from and liaison with clinicians, allied professionals and other healthcare services to ensure patients can be discharged promptly and safely when ready.
  • Responsive to patient needs by allowing carers flexible access to the Unit thus enabling reassurance to patients in distress.

Additional comments

  • Staff still fear the hospital will close due to staff restructure and redundancies throughout affecting ancillary as well as medical positions. Many changes have been implemented since CMFT took over which means the hospital has been under and continues to be affected by, ongoing new practices.
  • One patient interviewed complained about the car parking facility for day case patients and family. A new company has taken over Car Parking arrangements at Trafford General Hospital and patients/visitors are experiencing some problems due to over-running on the length of stay permitted.


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