Enter and view at Shawe House nursing home

We visited Shawe House nursing home and spoke to residents about the care they received. This report contains our findings from the visit.

Shawe House is situated in a secluded residential location in Flixton and is a privately owned large Victorian residential house.

The home has been in existence as a care home for 20 years and has been extended over time to specialise in providing care and support for people living with mid-to-advanced dementia.

We were informed by the Manager that an extension for 14 more rooms is currently going through the Planning process.

The outcome of this Enter and View is positive.

The authorised representatives leading this visit felt that standard of care administered by staff at Shawe House is good.

However, the corridors of the home are narrow with little natural light, when wheelchairs or the cleaning trolley need to use the corridors there is a necessity to wait until it has been cleared before entering.

The Enter and View team found the home’s décor and design shabby. Where locks have been removed from doors to address a Care Quality Commission [CQC] requirement1 this has left a large hole on doors.

The Enter and View representatives observed:

  • That residents appeared safe in their surroundings.
  • That staff are attentive to the needs of the residents.
  • That to promote social inclusion, the home provides communal lounges with communal tables for eating meals.
  • That there is a secure environment with staff on-site 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


Formalising the monthly Residents’ Meetings and posting notes from the meetings on the notice board will provide opportunity to communicate with all families and not just those who attend. This will allow Shawe House to raise issues with families that could benefit all residents as well as inform relatives of future developments.

Consider a programme of redecoration to improve the shabby appearance of the home and make it more welcoming to residents and visitors.

Work with the Agency providing relief staff to Shawe House to ensure a greater understanding of how to respond and care for dementia residents.

Good practice; Placing a butterfly transfer on to the door of a resident at the end of their life, indicating consideration needed by staff and visitors.


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